HONDA - inspiration and motivation - 1nd part

Soishiro Honda, with his history is an example of inspiration and motivation for all.


Honda teaches us never to give up and to follow one's dreams.

Born in Japan in 1906, the eldest of nine brothers.

only 15 years moves to Tokyo where, thanks to his resourcefulness, he manages to get hired as apprentice in the "Art Shokai" workshop, dedicated to the repair of cars, motorcycles, bikes and engines in general.

Yuzo Sakakibara, the owner of the facility, senses the skills of the young Soichiro and pushes him to take an interest in competitions. Thus, in the 1924, suggests to him build a racing car, a project to which Soichiro applies immediately. Starting from the chassis of a 1916 “Mitchell”, he adds an 8-liter “Curtiss-Wright” V8 aircraft engine. The result? In November '24 the "Curtiss" won the "5th Japan Automobile Competition"!

In 1937 he crowned his first entrepreneur's dream: he founded the "Tokai Seiki", a manufacturer of piston rings.


In Japan, at the end of the Second World War, the low fuel available for transport required a solution with minimal economic impact and consumption.

As often happens, everything arises from an intuition. Soichiro Honda purchase a consignment of 500 generating sets now disused, made to power military two-way radios. By devising a simple but ingenious solution to satisfy the desire for mobility of his fellow citizens. With a staff of specially selected technicians, dismantle small internal combustion engines to apply them to bicycles.

And this simple motorized vehicle falls perfectly for those who live in the countryside and are forced to cover distances of tens of kilometers to sell agricultural crops in the city and obtain other kinds. With the proceeds of these first successes, Soichiro Honda founds in October 1946 the Honda Technical Research Institute. Two years later, it becomes Honda Motor Company. Of this period is the "Dream Type A", Which makes Soichiro's original dream come true and makes"The Power of Dreams”The distinctive feature of every Honda project.

In the following years, the creative genius of Soichiro Honda expresses such a quantity of innovative projects to bring the newly born Japanese house to conquer many markets and to become the # 1 motorcycle company in the world.


Luca from The ForeRunners

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