HONDA - inspiration and motivation - 2nd part

Let's start again from Soichiro Honda's The Power of Dream.


Honda teaches us never to give up and to follow one's dreams.


In 1938, when he was still far from famous, he invents a revolutionary new part of a piston. So revolutionary that Toyota offers him to acquire the patent. Soshiro has a Dream and will refuse this proposal which could have made him rich without effort.

The Second World War saw his company bombed and with unimaginable effort and determination and with the power of HIS DREAM he was able to take back all the employees with promises and rebuilt the company.

As soon as the factory was rebuilt, after only one year, a common event in that country (the earthquake) razed its factories to the ground. He had to sell what was left to Toyota, while retaining the ability to use his own patents.

Once again thanks to the proceeds from the sale to Toyota and the power of HIS DREAM, he manages to re-establish Honda to become one of the leading brands in the world.

His philosophy is summed up in his words: “We have constantly chosen a very difficult path full of difficulties. We must possess the will to challenge difficulties and the wisdom to create new values ​​without being bound by established standards. We do not wish to imitate others. "

Honda will continue to follow their dreams….

Soichiro Honda would remain president of the company until his retirement in 1973 . After this time he would remain as director of the company and will later be appointed "supreme councilor" in 1983 . Its status was such that the magazine People it included in the list of "25 Most Intriguing Characters of the Year" for 1980, nicknamed him "the Japanese Henry Ford". Retired, Honda has committed to work associated with the Honda Foundation.

Soichiro and his wife both had private driving licenses even in old age. He also enjoyed spending years skiing, hang gliding and hot air ballooning and at 77 he was a highly skilled artist. Honda and Takeo Fujisawa have made a pact to never force their children to join their organization. To that end his son, Hirotoshi Honda, would go on to found and become CEO of Mugen Motorsports, a Honda vehicle tuner who also created original racing vehicles.

Soichiro Honda died on August 5th, 1991 for hepatic insufficiency. He was posthumously honored with the third higher degree in the order of precedence and appointed a Grand Cordon of the Order of the Rising Sun.

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