Affiliate Marketing - Selling for All - Part 2

Affiliate Marketing. Relationship between Merchant, Portal and Affiliate


Affiliate Marketing - Affiliate Portals.

Affiliate portals play an important role in this market.

Starting years ago from America, these portals have been developed that deal with putting the Merchant in contact with the Publisher. Obviously these portals keep a percentage of the income for them.

But let's see, what they offer in return.

  1. Collection of many products
  2. Merchant selection
  3. Affiliate Selection
  4. Tracking of products sold
  5. Secure

Let's see them one by one

Collection of Products

The first rule to be able to sell a product is that whoever wants to sell it believes it. For this reason many products are put together, divided into categories. Everyone will be able to choose the category they like best so they can make the most of it. There are also various types of economic recognition by the trader. Someone pays for the simple visit to the sales site (a few cents in general) while others pay for the sale made (sometimes up to 75% of the sale price). Some make one-shot payments while others (offering monthly passes) offer recurring economic recognition.

In this case, having a portal where you can make all these choices is very important.

Merchant selection

This service offered by the affiliate portal is also very important.

In fact, choosing a serious merchant protects both the customer and the affiliate from bad stories, as well as the portal itself. In general, the history of the trader is checked, any insolvencies .. his history in short .. to understand if he is reliable. The products that the trader intends to sell on his site are then checked. It is checked that the price is competitive on the market, the quality of the product, the shelf life and immediate availability in fairly important quantities.

Last but not least, the merchant must make available a whole series of tools such as Landing Page, Texts for bloggers, e-mail swaps and copyrighting in general to facilitate the work of those who have to promote that particular product.

Affiliate selection

This part, important for the merchant, focuses on the choice of the affiliate based on research on what he has already done and having an explanation of what he will want to do in detail. This is very important as it could damage the image of the merchant. It is a necessary guarantee.

Product tracking

When a product is sold, it must be possible to determine who made the promotion. The portal is responsible for issuing an "affiliate link" to each affiliate and follow this link through the various steps tracing the customer until the eventual sale.

In this case too, the portal is used to guarantee the parties.


Lastly, it deals with payments. He then ensures that the merchant pays the portal in the right time, which in turn will pay the affiliate in the predetermined percentage for each sale.


It is a job that would be really difficult if not impossible to carry out without the help of these portals

Luca from The ForeRunners

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