100% refunded bill for companies

From today there is a new way to save on the phone bill,

A company that has had an extraordinary innovative idea has been in the area for almost a year.

"Costiazero" of Milan reimburses 100% of the mobile and fixed bills to all companies that adhere to the project


Let's see how this system works.

As we know, the telephone companies wage war on the rates they offer to their users to defend them from the aggressiveness of other telephone companies.

On the other hand, they would make fake cards to snatch users from other companies.

The reasons are clear.

  1. By increasing your customers, you increase your business
  2. Increasing market share makes them stronger
  3. They have no costs / customer

While the first two reasons are clear we try to better understand the third.

The structure in the area has the same infrastructure costs whether thousands, ten thousand or 1 million users use it

Once, therefore, that Wind / Tre, Vodafone and Tim have built their network of repeaters in the area and have organized their network of technicians, their costs will not increase in proportion to the number of their customers.

This explains the ruthless war that is waged on tariffs.


In this scenario, CEO Cristian Locatelli has cleverly inserted himself and has developed his own business idea.

Costiazero proposes to a company to change its contract from a main contractor to another main contractor. By doing this mediation, he ensures exceptional rewards from the manager who took over the old contract.

These premiums are so exceptional that they guarantee the customer a total reversal of his monthly fee.

All this stipulated through a brokerage contract between the customer and costiazero.

This way of repaying the bill will be guaranteed for two years. Nothing will change for the customer. He will continue to have relationship with the telephone operator he likes most by paying the bills to Vodafone, Tim, Three of the case. After 60 days you will start receiving a monthly refund of the rates chosen by costiazero.

Luca from The ForeRunners

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