Enzo Ferrari - A myth born of dreams and enthusiasm

On February 18, 1898, Enzo Ferrari was born in Modena.

He is the second son of a working class family. The father in fact has a mechanical workshop under the house and earns his salary by building canopies for the state railways.

After a happy childhood, the Spanish flu and the First World War arrive and take away his father and brother. Enzo is miraculously saved (after some interventions) from the flu.

His passion is cars and his dream is to work for FIAT.

Since, however, his application is rejected, he starts a career first as a test driver and then as a pilot. After winning some important races, he began his collaboration with the Alfa Romeo. The prancing horse (famous all over the world) is given to him by the Baracca counts. The parents of the famous aviator, war hero, Francesco Baracca.

However, Enzo Ferrari has a dream. He wants to build the fastest and most beautiful car in the world. He founded the "Scuderia Ferrari". He has no money, he has no engineers or factories ... he only has a dream, his passion and his enthusiasm.

Through the power of promises and vision, Enzo will be able to convince the best Fiat designer to work for him. “Because the dream was included in the offer! … Dreams are often contagious! ”.

It manages to become the racing section of Alfa Romeo thanks to the proposition of innovative projects.

He will also care about the most famous driver of the time .. Tazio Nuvolari who will be convinced by the Ferrari project.

The Scuderia Ferrari becomes a case study, also thanks to the fact that it is the largest team put together by a single person. The drivers do not receive a salary but a percentage on the prizes of the victories, even if any technical or administrative request from the drivers is answered.

The Ferrari team is born

Everything changes when Alfa Romeo announces its decision to retire from racing starting from the 1933 season due to financial problems. Scuderia Ferrari can make its real entry into the world of racing.

In 1935 the French driver Rene Dreyfus, who previously drove for Bugatti, signed for Scuderia Ferrari. He is struck by the difference between his old team and Scuderia Ferrari and talks about it like this: “The difference between being part of the Bugatti team and Scuderia Ferrari is like between day and night. […] With Ferrari I learned the art of business in racing, because there is no doubt that Ferrari is a great businessman. […] Enzo Ferrari loves racing, it doesn't rain on that. Nonetheless, he manages to dilute everything due to the persecution of his purpose which is to build a financial empire. I am sure that one day he will become a great man, even if the cars that he had to send to the track one day no longer bear his name ”.

After the war, Enzo Ferrari built his first car and, at the 1947 Monaco Grand Prix, the Tipo125 with a 1,5-liter engine made its appearance. The car is designed by his old collaborator Gioacchino Colombo. Ferrari's first victory in a Grand Prix is ​​in 1951 at the British GP.

The dream thus becomes reality and indeed reality will far exceed fantasy. The Ferrari brand will become the most prized in the world of sports cars and the most successful in competitions.

Over the years he will also make use of important collaborations such as the designer Battista Pinin Farina whose fortune he will make.

Niki Lauda, ​​Allain Prost, Nigel Mansel and Michael Schumaker are just some of the names that have linked to the "Drake".


Enzo Ferrari is an extraordinary example of how important dreams can be, believe in them and succeed thanks to the enthusiasm to make them become the dreams of others.

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