BioHacking - Change your mind and body

In this section of the portal, you will find a series of articles that will explain biohacking.

Biohacker is the one who modifies himself in such a way as to obtain different, sometimes absolutely extraordinary, things from his own body and mind.

One day a few years ago in Silicon Valley (the cradle of science and innovation) a term was born that described an idea.


biohacking for body and mind

The idea itself was not new because it was still linked to the idea of ​​cyborgs or cybernetic elements. Today these tools find ample space in the military and rehabilitative medicine world.

Initially, this new science tended towards science fiction and tried to implement some scientific ideas that were a little border-line regarding the ethics of some applications. Thus were born the first chips implanted under the skin with the most varied (... and useless) purposes, someone began to do genetic edintig by injecting modified DNA while others began the "dopamine fasting".

After this initial phase of unbridled scientific fervor, an ethical movement began to take hold over time, a lifestyle that is becoming increasingly popular.

The type of biohacker who is currently gaining more notoriety are those who use techniques and technologies to increase their physical and cognitive performance.

What we want to do in these articles is to bring the various experiments and proven technologies to the attention of the public in order to disseminate what is best on the web and always try to do it with study, awareness and added value.


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