Sensory Deprivation. Let's find out what it is for.

Hello everyone, today I want to present the "Sensory Deprivation Pool"

Little known, since the 70s, the tub is considered an "advanced" way of hacking one's body by relaxing it physically and mentally.

The invention of this tool dates back to the 50s when John C. Lilly, an American neuropsychiatrist, began to carry out studies on the mind suddenly subjected to the deprivation of any external stimulus.

In those years, however, the profession of neuropsychiatrist was almost associated with the esoteric world. For this, the tank was not considered by the scientific community.

Over time, interest increased and the military world took possession of the invention to carry out its studies for the ENHANCEMENT of the body and mind.

Subsequent users were astronauts preparing for space travel in zero gravity

Then the athletes to improve performance and concentration (even today many professional sports clubs use such pools).

Today we find it for everyone in some spas and wellness centers.

Let's see what the sensory deprivation tank consists of

The external part is made of fiberglass and contains a hyper-saturated solution of magnesium sulphate that guarantees the floatation of your body without any effort.

Inside the tub we are in the dark and completely isolated from any noise, in order to cancel all external stimuli.

sensory deprivation tank

Extra sensory fluctuation

Sensory perception is generally lost, so that the person who is immersed in it no longer feels that he has a body that surrounds him..

The body is relieved of the constant effort to respond to the force of gravity and react to the stimuli of our 5 senses, and begins to produce endorphins, substances associated with well-being and pleasure.

After one hour of staying in this state, all bodily tensions are eliminated, and the accumulated psychological stress is also released.

The sensory deprivation tank is a tool used since the 70s to improve the state of psychophysical well-being and sports performance. In fact, some international sports clubs use it for the recovery of their athletes. But not only that, it is also used by numerous personalities from the world of science, literature and art, thanks to the ability of introspection, visualization and mental clarity.

The brain waves that are produced in the majority are those associated with hypnagogic, fantastic visions, typical of the state of semi-sleep.

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