Eyes as a mirror of the soul

The eyes are the mirror of the soul: through the gaze we can understand a lot of the internal world of a person, but be careful: the world can also read us!

Eye language: what to know

A happy analogy of form unites theeye to the Sun, symbol of light and divine energy: this is why sight is it look they are, more than the other senses, close to the mind and consciousness and for this reason they express a component of which we are generally aware.

Just remember that in the Egyptians RA (the sun god) was represented by an eye.

We know how and why we are looking at a person in a certain way, while other aspects of face and body language may elude us. Having said that we must remember that for many traditions the eyes are the mirror of the soul,  in the sense that they immediately reflect ours emotions, our fears, our innermost emotional nuances.

From the eye and from his look you have direct access to a very intimate dimension. "Look at me in the eyes! ”, They say, when you don't want to let one of them slip away look. A look, they say, is worth a thousand words ... In fact, with the eyes we not only look but, more and better than with language, we communicate moods and manifest our character. Here then is the direction of the look, its intensity, its movements ...

These children aroused in me a series of contrasting and beautiful emotions… as if they were a switch in the head.

I get lost in their eyes every time I look at them .. hypnotized and I am reminded of childhood, joy and lightheartedness in some and sadness and hardness in others.

If whoever reads this article is touched in the soul a small part of what I feel, he will feel the need to get lost in these souls as many times as possible.

A big round of applause to the photographer (Abdullah Aydemir) who was able to extract these moments from his camera.


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