The power of the human brain

There is an experiment carried out in 2013 involving the human brain that few are aware of.

German and Japanese researchers used K, the fourth most powerful supercomputer in the world at the time, to simulate 1 second of human brain activity.

Il supercomputer K he was a real monster.

Built by Fujitsu, it had more than 700.000 processor cores and 1,4 million gigabytes of RAM. He could perform more than 10 million billion calculations per second.

Supercomputer K

It should be borne in mind that a supercomputer of that type (in addition to occupying a VERY refrigerated 2500 square meter room) consumes enormous quantities of electricity. It can reach several megawatts. The cost of powering such a system is significant. 4 MW at $ 0,10 / kWh is $ 400 per hour or about $ 3,5 million per year.

In addition to the superconditioning in this huge room, these systems produce so much heat that they require complex water cooling systems to prevent the cores from overheating.

The experiment

Returning to the experiment, the K computer managed to simulate the interaction of 1,73 billion nerve cells and more than 10 trillion synapses. If these numbers sound very large, it should be known that they actually represent only 1% of the human brain network.

The most interesting part for me is that that powerful computer that takes up an entire building, consumes $ 400 of electricity per hour, and needs constant cooling and maintenance, was able to simulate according 1 of "partial" activity of the jelly inside your skull 40 in minutes.

It took 40 minutes!

That's how awesome your brain is.

Think what a computer of that type can do, the calculations, the applications, the data management…. but that's nothing compared to what your brain can do.

As is known, we only use a small percentage of the potential of our brain.

Today, skills, disciplines and products are starting to emerge that greatly increase this ability to use.

The future has begun, let's expect technologies that can make us take a quantum leap. I am thinking of mitochondria, natural exogenous ketones, reishi, tormenting uncaria and many other products in addition to repairing damaged cells and DNA, they increase perceptual abilities and concentration by increasing the properties of the brain.

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