Motivation - Let's do biohacking ...

Among the things that can be hacked into our body / mind, there is M.OPIVATION.

It's hard to keep motivation high if you haven't done some deep work on yourself.

You can watch a lot of motivational videos on youtube and you will be pumped, highly motivated but it is useless for the motivation to last only a few hours or a few days or it could be even for a few weeks.

Someone thinks that a genius will appear from that video and complete all the tasks for you. Nooo, it is you who must put the necessary efforts to achieve anything in life.

Motivation should come from within and alone is not enough. To feed it you have to perform ACTIONS repeatedly.

Videos, stories or quotes act as a spark to ignite the fire within us. Self-discipline and patience are the key to achieving anything in life.

If you're losing motivation, it can only mean one or two things. Your goals are not inspiring you enough (or you don't even have them clear) or the action you are taking is not enough.

Grab a pen and paper write down all the things you want to achieve and look at them every day and remind yourself that you have to complete them before the deadline and reward yourself after you have accomplished them.

Consequently, plan your day and prioritize that need to be completed first, make a to-do list in the evening before bed, and wake up with a positive mindset.

Act now to have fun later. You must have a commitment to achieve your goals…. and remember the African saying ...

"How can one man eat an Elephant?"

…. “In pieces! "

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