Exogenous Ketones - Part Four

How exogenous ketones work

Shortly after consuming BHB, various metabolic adaptations occur:

  • As noted earlier, research shows that consuming BHB rapidly increases BHB blood values ​​in the body for eight hours. This way, your body can enter nutritional ketosis rather quickly.
  • Supplementing BHB can dramatically improve insulin sensitivity, resulting in better blood glucose closure in cells. With type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance traveling with growing concerns today, BHB supplementation may provide a promising alternative for healthy blood sugar regulation in the coming years. 
  • Even for everyday gym goers and fitness enthusiasts, increasing insulin sensitivity via BHB supplementation can be a great benefit as this puts your body in a better condition to partition nutrients on the parts energetically. demanding and glycolytic tissues, such as skeletal muscle.
  • Animal research findings report that BHB supplementation also improves oxygen utilization, especially in the central nervous system (CNS). While molecular oxygen is a crucial molecule for health and longevity, too much of it can be potentially toxic and accelerate the effects of aging in tissues throughout the body. Therefore, using a BHB supplement can effectively mitigate the toxic buildup of molecular oxygen, particularly in the CNS / brain.

Final thoughts

In summary, exogenous ketones are sure to be a hot niche in dietary supplements in the near future, and research will grow in order to verify their usefulness.

However, exogenous ketones hold promise for cancer prevention and an overall longevity supplement.

They are also powerful for promoting cognitive function, blood sugar management, and for improving weight loss and physical performance.


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Ketones and Ketosis

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