From breath to inner freedom

With this book, I bring my personal growth path to the attention of the public, which later formed the backbone of the teachings transmitted to the holistic operators who attended the Energy and Freedom School of Empoli.

Starting from the conviction of having to bring attention back inside ourselves, since what happens outside is the direct consequence of the vibrations that we emit and helped by the breath that will guide us in this search, we will go to the identification of those emotional blocks that condition, we will be able to connect them with the events that determined them - both in this life and in the prenatal life, but also in past lives - we will be able to connect them to the emotion that feeds them and accessing the Actor Space - that space that Quantum Physics it calls non-locality - where each of us becomes the main actor of his life, we transform them into archetypes, shapes, designs, animals or people and by accepting them we integrate them into our heart, weakening them.

The breath in this inner journey will represent what Virgil meant for Dante in the Divine Comedy, he will guide us and urge us whenever we find ourselves in front of our dark side, which is not known to us or that we do everything not to see.

Breathing can also be the simplest example, but also the most logical, to understand how everything is connected, in fact each of us breathes and carries the air inside, fills their lungs, regenerates them and exhaling emits outside. air imbued with its atoms. Therefore, whenever we breathe, we carry parts of others within us and vice versa.

According to Quantum Physics when 2 atoms have made contact with each other even for a single moment, they remain connected even if separate.

Therefore all the inhabitants of the Earth, breathing, exchange parts of themselves and all become connected to each other, even if they remain unique in their essence, Unique but united to everything around them.

This book is intended as a guide for all those who want to undertake an inner growth process or the first step for those who want to make this activity their main job.

This path has been identified with the name “My Heart Way " and consists of 8 chapters.